12 year old girl commits suicide via live stream

       Three weeks ago was when a 12 year old girl named Katelyn Nichole Davis committed suicide two days after Christmas and allegedly posted live-streaming video of it on Facebook. The Georgia girl was found outside her home on December 30 with what the Northwest Georgia News described as “self-inflicted wounds.” Paramedics tried to save the girl after she was first found after 6 p.m., but Davis was declared dead at the Polk Medical Center’s Emergency Room. Police are currently investigating the allegations that Katelyn Nichole Davis posted live video of her suicide. The Polk County Police Department had obtained a search warrant for the girl’s phone and Facebook account, as well as a third social media site. While police continue to investigate, a video identified as the 12-year-old’s suicide was posted across social media. An Instagram page identified as belonging to Davis also had messages about heartbreak and a note posted five days before her death that read, “Reblog in memory of those who have committed suicide.”

       The social media site’s live-streaming video feature has caught other disturbing moments, including a car crash last month that took the lives of two teenagers. Katelyn will be missed and she previously made video and book diaries based on what was occurring within her household. Her stepfather allegedly abused her while the mother was on drugs and she posted a 42 minute long suicide video in which if you were to watch it consisted of her getting the rope > tying it to the tree > hanging herself. Towards the end of the video you hear her mother yelling her name a far distance and eventually leading to several phone calls and eventually led for someone to find her. This was a crazy for help and the siblings are with another form of family member. It’s depressing to acknowledge that a 12 year old had no other option, but to kill herself.

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