99-year-old woman checks “get arrested” off of her bucket list

       It was recently reported that a 90 year old woman had checked off being arrested from her bucketlist. The common bucket list items are to see the Eiffel Tower, ride in a helicopter, run a marathon, etc. That’s precisely what sat on top of 99-year-old Annie’s list: “Experience a police cell from within.” Annie’s niece contacted police officials in the Dutch town of Nijmegan-Zuid to tell them about her aunt’s dream. There was a problem, though. “Civilians are not allowed inside an area with cells,” the police said on Facebook. But how could you say no to such an odd request? An officer named Maarten bent the rules and “arranged a visit for Annie (very exceptional) in a dwell chamber.”

       Annie also got the full effect: she was picked up by the police, cuffed, and locked up. She had the time of her life. Although this request might seem uncommon, it’s not the first time someone has asked to be thrown in the slammer for the fun of it. Last year, Edie Simms, a 102-year-old woman in St. Louis, had her dream come true when — upon request — police officers arrested her at the senior center where she delivered her handmade scarves and pot holders. Annie and Edie, though unusual, know how to have a little fun.

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