Chance the Rapper donates $1 million to Chicago Public Schools

       It was recently reported that after a meeting with Illinois Bruce Rauner last Friday to discuss announced cuts to school funding, Chance the Rapper has took it upon himself to address the issue himself. The Chicago rapper, whose full name is Chancelor Bennett, announced in a news conference Monday that he would be donating $1 million to the Chicago Public School system. “As a CPS graduate, Chance has shown Chicago students not only the heights they can achieve but the generosity they can share,” school district spokesperson Emily Bittner said in a statement. “We also appreciate his strong advocacy for Chicago schoolchildren, who suffer under the state’s discriminatory system of funding, which Gov. Rauner continues to perpetuate.”Today, I’m proud to announce that I am donating $1 million to CPS to support arts and enrichment programming,” Chance said in the news conference at Westcott Elementary School on the South Side of Chicago.

       Last month, school officials announced they would freeze $46 million in spending after Rauner vetoed a $215 million funding bill that schools were relying on. “Gov. Rauner’s actions cement a racially biased funding system that is also the worst in the country for children living in poverty,” Chicago Public Schools CEO Forrest Claypool said in a press release at the time. “Gov. Rauner did not create this unjust system, but he has chosen to perpetuate it, violating the civil rights of hundreds of thousands of Chicago schoolchildren and threatening their futures.”

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